Personal Training Services in Novi, MI

Mind Above Fitness is pleased to offer professional personal training services in Novi, MI. Mind Above Fitness founder and personal trainer, Ian Riley, is committed to delivering a personalized total fitness experience for adults of all ages. With a unique approach to personal training, his clients notice a significant improvement in their overall wellbeing – not just their physical appearance.


Mind Above Fitness personal training services prioritize both mental and physical wellness. Ian’s goal is for each one of his clients to leave the gym feeling physically AND mentally stronger. Once we overcome the mind, we can achieve anything, and Mind Above Fitness focuses on helping residents in the city of Novi do just that.


Ian is committed to delivering real results that clients in Novi can use to improve their overall life experience. It is more than physical fitness, it is the art of self-mastery. Once we get out of our own way, achieving our fitness goals is that much easier.


If you are looking for personal training in Novi, work with a trainer committed to helping you achieve your unique goals. Whether you want to be slimmer, stronger, or more confident, Mind Above Fitness will provide you with the training you need. Start your wellness journey today! Contact Ian Riley for more information.