Personal Trainer in South Lyon

Crush Your Fitness Goals With a Certified Personal Trainer in South Lyon

Mind Above Fitness is your trusted source for personal training services in South Lyon, MI. Whether you are interested in shedding excess weight or boosting confidence, personal trainer Ian Riley at Mind Above Fitness, has the most appropriate program for you.


MAF personal training services are geared towards total wellness, and have a strong focus on using the mind to achieve your health and fitness goals. As an added benefit, you will also receive a personalized training plan to help strengthen your body as you strengthen your mind. This unique approach to fitness training continues to transform lives in the city of South Lyon.


Through the MAF program in South Lyon you will find that you are advancing in areas of your life that you never expected. You bring the commitment, and MAF will bring the training. Together, you can reach a new level of living. 


Ian Riley is available for group fitness and one-on-one training in South Lyon. Simply tell him what your goals are, and he will build the perfect plan for you. 

Don’t waste any more time with ineffective training programs. You deserve better. Work with a reliable personal trainer in South Lyon. Contact Ian Riley at Mind Above Fitness today to learn more.