Train With a Personal Trainer in Northville, MI

If you are tired of throwing your money away on gym memberships that you never use, or if you can’t keep the weight off, it is time to make a change.


Mind Above Fitness is committed to helping Northville residents meet their health and fitness goals through a unique approach to physical fitness. MAF techniques are unlike any other personal training program, and with your commitment to the program, you will see unbelievable changes in your quality of life.


Personal trainer and founder of Mind Above Fitness, Ian Riley, works with you to train both your mind and body. 


We often get in our own way by letting our minds work against us. Ian understands how frustrating this can be, and will help you overcome this struggle through his one-of-a-kind training program in Northville, Michigan. 


Whether you are looking for one-on-one fitness training or a dedicated instructor for your group fitness program in Northville, Ian Riley has the fitness solution for you. He is also available for outdoor fitness sessions in Northville and surrounding areas.


If you are ready to transform your life and experience total wellness, contact Northville personal trainer Ian Riley at Mind Above Fitness today!